A Cao (Collective Labour Agreement) is a set of agreements between the CAO Metalektro · CAO Metalworking industry · CAO Woodworking Industry · CAO. 13 Nov The wage developments of NXP are lagging behind in respect of the benchmark Philips and Metalektro. CNV wants to realise a wage increase. StarStarStarStarStar Current Employee in Rotterdam, South Holland. Conform CAO Metalektro, goede CAO, voldoende vrije dagen, mogelijkheid thuis werken.

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After all, the reorganisation is not because things are not cao metalektro too well but down to profit maximisation cao metalektro upscaling. On 29 October last, we received the following notification from NXP via the media: In its offer to the unions, namely the settlement or premium payment per month, preliminary indication reveals that NXP does not fully compensate for this due to budgetary reasons.

NXP applies the generic cutbacks across the line without there being an cao metalektro benefit cao metalektro employees to counteract this.

With cao metalektro to wages, Metaletkro offers no response yet. Thus, in the long term the people that are not yet affected by the umpteenth ‘bloodbath’, but in the end will be, will experience severe negative consequences. CNV finds the worsening of conditions that has been introduced in the plan in respect of the social plan that was applicable up to 1 July incomprehensible. Yesterday, NXP tabled an offer of 1. The latest national figures on this point amount to an average increase of 1.

De vakbond die jou nodig heeft. Furthermore, NXP has sufficient resources for a robust plan. Cao metalektro fact has led metalekktro the trade unions removing themselves from the file. It is for this reason that the CNV has decided to put the new negotiation outcome for the social plan that has to apply for everyone, together with the yet to be realised CAO outcome to the vote before the cao metalektro.


The current situation of the NXP negotiations

Wouter cao metalektro Went kaderlid Arthur Bot bestuurder a. The top bosses at NXP are awarding themselves a wage increase of approximately cao metalektro percent, cao metalektro it’s not set in stone, so to speak. The guarantee scheme cao metalektro set up in in connection with compensation from the Philips pension perspectivecannot be continued via the Metalektro Pension fund due to tax reasons as from 1 January And now the situation as it stands in the collective bargaining.

While on 12 October of this year, we received the social plan that is since available to everyone via a link in the latest newsletter of NXP.

In short, the complete picture shall ensure the voting outcome, not salami-slice strategy! Cao NXP – Nieuws.

The current situation of the NXP negotiations – Cao NXP – Sector Metalektro – CNV Vakmensen

Mrtalektro informed us yesterday of its decision to reject our proposal because the costs would be too high and that there is too little support. That is less than cao metalektro the employees received this year, namely 1. The company is doing well and there is no reason not to allow the employees who make this possible every day to share in that.

Any reversal will then no longer be possible, you only get one shot at it. The collective bargaining will be continued on 11 December next. We recommend you use this, because this saves cao metalektro of Euros on a yearly basis.


CNV wants to realise a wage increase of three percent. We will inform you about this at a later date. The ‘catch’ in this case is that the current workers who stay will only experience the damage in the long term some cao metalektro from nowin the form of forced redundancies, while those that leave will metalekteo a slight negative cao metalektro in the short term. Metalekyro hope to have sufficiently informed you regarding this matter. Finally, we would like draw your attention to a link cao metalektro the NXP HR portal, which you can use to have your union contribution settled in a tax-efficient way.

NXP has indicated that it will now unilaterally implement the guarantee scheme in the form of monthly premium payments. The previous offer on the table was a wage increase of slightly more cao metalektro one percent, which is actually way below metalektri national average.

The metalekto actually want to return to one bonus percentage but anyhow that was a bridge too far for NXP. NXP has though indicated its willingness to reintroduce the bonus scheme metalejtro the professional groups through to 45, but in that case, it does want the 1 percent cao metalektro increase of back for this. After which, joint meetings of members will probably cao metalektro planned.

The joint trade union organisations could not reach agreement on the continuation of the pension guarantee scheme with NXP yesterday.