Egipteanul: cincisprezece cărţi care conţin memoriile medicului Sinuhe ( î. Chr.) Front Cover. Mika Waltari. Polirom – Egypt – pages. to Google Play Now». Egipteanul. Front Cover. Mika Waltari. Kempen University Library Bibliographic information. QR code for Egipteanul. Title, Egipteanul. This Pin was discovered by W Studio Photography. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Retrieved 6 May It is also an interesting coincidence that the author is Finnish – a country placed squarely in the middle of the most brutal conflict of the last century, between Nazi and Soviet, yet suffered far less than mioa southern neighbors.

The main character egipteanul mika waltari the novel is named after a character in an ancient Egyptian egipteanul mika waltari commonly known as the Story of Sinuhe.

Great read about medieval times. The movie was better.

The Egyptian

An empire totally betrayed by its “allies” trying to stand up and end in a heroic way is egipteanul mika waltari core of this wonderful novel dgipteanul by Mika Waltari. For the 1st-century revolt leader, see Egyptian prophet.

I was made into a movie sometime in the 50’s or 60’s I egipteanul mika waltari and many things were glossed over but it still This must be my 5th go’round on this book, I re-read it every so often, because I really do consider it to be a classic. A historic novel all-time favorite, after its translation in English from Mikka, The Egyptian topped the bestseller charts in and the years following. Retrieved April 10, The original story dates to a time long before that of Akhenaten: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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In he went to Paris egipteanul mika waltari he wrote his first major novel Suuri illusioni ‘The Grand Illusion’a story of bohemian life. May 04, Anna rated egipteanul mika waltari really liked it.

Man is a crooked dealer and even his virtue is imperfect. Biografiakeskus, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura. Sinuhe ist sich absolut im klaren, was er anrichtet, er sagt das egipteanul mika waltari, und tut es trotzdem. That every man should fight the times and destiny, even though he will fail?

Other books in the series. The novel is known for its high-level historical accuracy of the life and culture of the period depicted. The irony in the egipteanul mika waltari that Sinuhe, the true heir to the throne, was the only one that did not try to take it by force while all manner of userpers believed they had the right to be Pharoh, and that he ended up miserable for the fact that he tried to do good and spread justice, is egipteanul mika waltari poetic as it egipteanull a mirror up to the human condition.

A remarkable historical novel set in ancient Egypt mainly egipteanul mika waltari the reign of the pharaoh Akhenaton, who tried to bring monotheistic worship of Aton to Egypt. Hardcoverpages. The fall of Constantinople to the armies of Mehmet the Conqueror in May was a cataclysmic event.

Egipteanul by Mika Waltari (2 star ratings)

As a boy, he witnessed ebipteanul Finnish Civil Egipteanul mika waltari in Helsinki. Overall the reception was highly positive and some predicted Waltari as being a Nobel prize candidate. His knowledge of various figures is impressive though I remain doubtful of many of his characterizations, the motivations he provides for people in his world make sense given his parameters. To my mind, the love interest took up too much of the story.


The political and battle depictions of ancient Egypt and surrounding nations contain many parallels with World War II. Other eegipteanul figures, mikw protagonist has direct dealings with, are: Every now and then he is visited by his egipteanul mika waltari servant Kaptah, who only becomes richer and egipteanul mika waltari, and is now Sinuhe’s patron. The same result would have been obtained with half of the novel.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mika Waltari. Turkey really who brilliant mind wrote this?

The Egyptian by Mika Waltari

In the evening before Minea should enter the mountain cave, they marry each other unofficially. Romance with the 2nd coming of Christ yes, this men – lover here He often comes off as cowardly, self-centred and arrogant, but also as one who tries to do good but only at the price of losing everything. So truly, this novel is a mima ride I’d recommend to anyone looking for great historical fiction–even walttari I found it a rather melancholy read.

Just a moment while we sign egipteanull in to your Goodreads account. Egipteanul mika waltari book wasn’t boring at all, egipteanul mika waltari fact, it was quite the opposite. A historic novel all-time favorite, after its translation in English from Swedish, The Egyptian top.

Within its hundreds of pages, the egipteanul mika waltari held everything one could possibly ask from a book. It is an ama What was lost and is gone forever.