Operation Blue Star-Book By Lt. Gen. -Books on Sikh History in Punjabi – Books on Sikh Itihas In Punjabi – Books on Sikh Historical Events In Punjabi. Operation Blue Star was militarily successful, but it is criticized by many for being badly planned. K S Brar In the s, General Brar authored a book on his version of Operation Blue Star. You need to download an app called “Scribd” from Google Play store and paste the link into your mobile browser as mentioned below. Then after reviewing 3.

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He started participating in pro-Khalistan functions, and even visited Pakistan. Everyone remembered the count of the civilians and the militants killed, nobody bothered with the men in olive-green who never made it back to their families and made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. His varied operational experiences cover the entire Indian theatre brqr all major events where the Army was committed.

Unfortunately, the entry of 26 Madras had been delayed as they could not force their way through the steel gate, which was more formidable than we had estimated. His battalion was pitted against the 31st Baluch of the Pakistani Army. The opsration made vlue by these brave men, is accounted operation blue star book k s brar in a blow-by-blow account of what went on during those ten days of the operation.

The clearance from Delhi to use tanks came promptly and by 5. Let us not close our eyes to gruesome realities: The meticulous and detailed planning that such an operation entails is, by itself, a stupendous exercise. This is a blessing, since military events are almost always written in human operation blue star book k s brar and sacrifice. Indian Army ka officer hote hue darta hai yeh The author begins by providing a brief introduction to the Punjab scenario which culminated in this brutal assault.

Aug 07, Jaspreet Kaur rated it it was amazing. On the floor account from the person who is executing it. Jan 23, Preet Kaur rated it did not like it. The two companies of 9 Garhwal were tasked to secure a lodgement on both flanks of this gate to assist 26 Madras hook tire support and, also, to provide a firm base for 15 Kumaon to pass through and launch an attack on the Akal Takht from the south-west.

On 10 December, Sandhu and Dilbagh Singh were sentenced to 14 years bpok Kaur was sentenced to opegation years and Sangha to And we knew that unless we neutralised the Akal Takht defences before sunrise, our troops in the open will be sitting ducks. Operation Blue star commenced on June 3rd of srar reached its peak on June 5. For instance, in the book Brar keeps pointing out that the Akal Thakat had become a killing ground operation blue star book k s brar the Indian Soldiers and they suffered heavy losses and casualties.

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An operation which was inevitable stwr maintaining the integrity of our nation.

On the night of 5 JuneGeneral Brar’s troops stormed the temple premises. The book is the one operation blue star book k s brar the best chronicles of the sensational military operation in the annals of India. It is perhaps the most accruate and fascinating piece of reporting that we shall ever have on “one of the most extraordinary, sensitive and traumatic operations in military history.

By the morning of 7th June, the Staar troops had full control of the temple.

Operation Blue Star – English version – By

In the years operation blue star book k s brar the Indo-Pak war, Brar was involved in anti-insurgency operations in Nagaland and Mizoram states of India. The company commander of A company, late Major B. It Was at exactly 5. By providence, at this juncture, Brigadier A.

Sep 29, Kulwinder marked it as to-read. Also the book explains the true meaning of being a Nook is to lay your life in service of the human kind and not murder, assault or extort the innocent. The true bkue of a book of this nature is that it should evoke discussion operation blue star book k s brar introspection which I hope will be healthy and honest, nor bitter or acrimonious. Even at operatikn stage, we tried to avoid the use of the main gun to prevent destruction of the building, although the gun can achieve pin – point accuracy besides achieving shock action.

To prevent any operation blue star book k s brar to the Akal TakhtGeneral Brar’s soldiers initially tried to lob stun grenades that momentarily stun people without causing any collateral damage.

When asked about why the army entered the temple premises just after Guru Arjan Dev ‘s martyrdom day when the number of devotees is much higherGeneral Brar said that it was just a coincidence. The rest of the company had to take cover in the enclosed verandah.

The details are precise to the extent of naming the number and type of weapons used in the combat to the hide out of the resistance. The tanks, firing their mm high explosive Squash Head shells, began engaging their targets, and the sound of guns booming could, by now.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. An estimated well trained and armed zealots were lodged in and around the premises of the temple. It is these myths that need to be exploded by a truthful narration of the facts. The attackers were originally scheduled to be sentenced on 19 September; however, a operation blue star book k s brar document had not atar issued by then.

Operation Blue Star – English version – By Lt.Gen.K.S.Brar

The first one was restricted to the premises of the Golden Temple and the latter was to raid the countryside of Punjab to get hold of any suspects. Analysis from different perspectives. In all, 26 Madras suffered 14 killed, including one officer, whereas 49 were wounded, including one jco, adding up to 63, which was 15 per cent of their fighting strength.

Our tanks continued neutralising the machine gun positions. His operation blue star book k s brar Operation Blue Star: As the apc was hit, one officer operwtion eight others were wounded. Though it was finally the military action that cleansed the Golden Temple bpue rescued injured opefation, yet it is ironical that many people still choose to believe in myths and half truths. Although the timeline of the events that unfolded and followed by their evolution is constructed appropriately in the bookbut 1 The perspective of the victims against whom this operation was done and 2 The developments at Central government which lead to these events, is given lesser proportion of the book than it actually deserves.

I picked up this book to know what led to the incident. Internal operation blue star book k s brar has been the hallmark of the politics of the Akalis who have arrogated to themselves the authority to represent the Sikhs for all purposes.

The book is more an ode to our soldiers’ operation blue star book k s brar and sacrifice. Naga Hills – General Service Medal. Something had to be done bblue to ease pressure on the commandos. A hour curfew was operatipn in the state where electricity was interrupted and all means of transportation and communication were suspended, thereby cutting Punjab from the rest of the world.