Robert Bosch Selection Process and Procedure consists of following rounds. Specialised in CSE/IT/Mech/EEE/ECE branch only. Aptitude section consists of questions from Boats and streams, Profit & Loss, Discounts, Time & Work,Time . Learn and practice the placement papers of Robert Bosch and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test. The question papers are different for ECE and non ECE students. sir, i need previous placement papers of robert bosch for ece students please sir send.

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Draw a rectangle through three lines. Email me if robert bosch placement papers for ece answer is selected or commented on. The values of resistors and all I don’t remember properly How i want to prepare? Gave one program using counter, I tried my best but I could not. Percentage criteria is Current Affairs General Knowledge. Hi Friends This is K. Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: Advantages of C language.

Bosch Placement Papers Free Download Previous Years Question Papers

Once a candidate clears the written test boschh is called for the technical interview. Robert Bosch consists 3 sections for Placement 1. Your comment Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: On, 16 February they announced the result.


Hi, this is Rohit Adhya from B. Common Topics Verbal Ability: Hi please mail me the recent placement papers of robert bosch as they are coming to our campus on 26 of october monday…please do the needful as early as possible.

Robert bosch placement papers for ece pass out. Factorial using recursion, leap year, palindrome plcaement, reversal of string.

Counting the number of numbers that have occurred more than 3 times in a array DBMS:. Then she asked me some very simple questions, like area of the circle.

Basicfourier transformationSo basically they will ask everything from your projecttrainingeverything that these contains circuits, implementationthey will shift to each and every topic that you mention in your explanation so carefully choose your language.

It was robert bosch placement papers for ece simple just a formality. Technical Interview This section had only technical question. Every word ,every technology mentioned in resume thoroughly.

I usually discuss with my friends. Coming to technical interviews, there were 2 technical interviews, so cover your topics well. What will you do to correct this expression? Robert bosch placement papers for ece election process is given below: Mathematically, it should be…. Tell me about yourself?

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What is the procedure to follow for getting job in Bosch? He checked my cv concentrately, and asked all the questions from my cv.

Will be GD there? LIC- op-amp, types of configuration and circuit related questions, different types of circuit with op-amp etc.

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robert bosch placement papers for ece He told me about 3 years of service commitment. Tell Something that is not in your cv. I have prepared well Microcontroller, but I didn’t get any questions from Microcontroller. The key is be yourself, tell the right answer, do not even ppaers to bluff. It is not an IT job so do not expect that level.