Bruce Sterling has called his Shaper/Mechanist novel Schismatrix “my favorite among my books.” It is a detailed history of a spacefaring humanity divided into. Bruce Sterling’s Schismatrix is to Neuromancer what Gormenghast is to The Lord of the Rings, at least as far as its place in the Cyberpunk canon is . 31 Jan It’s been about twenty years since I first read Sterling’s Schismatrix. At the time, I didn’t find it that interesting, nor a particularly good novel. Sure.

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Such a high ratio of idea-to-story weighs a little heavy on the reading at times, sometimes making ciphers out of secondary characters and making blatant macguffins out of interplanetary political conspiracies and intruige, but it never veers too far into the superficial, and Sterling occasionally lets his left brain cool down for stretches and allows some real depth and pathos to seep into his story before resuming the SF pyrotechnics.

The Investor Peace does not last forever, though, and tensions between Shapers and Mechanists eventually start to rise when the Investors play the factions against one another.

What gives the book its power and tension is the harsh conflict between a sense of wonder at the majestic technological reinventions of humanity on the one hand, and a depressing view of ugly power politics which seem to be replayed endlessly regardless of technological means. Se Masamune Shirow scrivesse romanzi, avrebbe la prosa di Sterling. I thought it was pretty good, but definitely more intellectually stimulating than entertaining.

This was the science fiction odyssey that I’ve been longing to read all summer. For the first time in one volume: This is a towering narrative of the future, a marvellous romance in the old definition of the term, and a very strange ride.


Read I picked up this book based solely on Alastair Reynolds insane props: Mar 01, Mack Truckington rated it it was amazing. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Stay in Touch Sign up. Sterling’s world is further fleshed out by the short stories included here: In fact, Swarm is probably the single gem in the entire book, worth a good stars on its own, but because the majority of the book is terrible, I almost didn’t even get to that part.

Review of Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling

Arbor House Publishing Company. Both factions are fighting to control the Schismatrix of humankind.

The story really is a tour de force as we follow Lindsay’s rising and falling fortunes and get a glimpse of wide swathes of the fascinating human solar system created by Sterling. Neither, Lindsay observes, could really be described as human.

I have to admit that this is one of very few Sterling novels that I’ve enjoyed with no hesitation. It includes every short story as well as the full length novel Schismatrixwhat’s more is that it is all arranged in the way the Sterling intended it to be read.

Lindsay vows to return, but before he can, Constantine forces Nora to take her own life. View all 9 comments.

Shapers use the technologies to remake the body through the realm of Freud: The “Plus” indicates that the book also includes a bunch of short stories set in the same future world as the novel itself. There are those among us whose brains broke down years ago: Long and complicated, but some very different ideas.

Mirasol’s competitors are just as outre and remote from recognizable humanity as she is — the weirdest one is a nameless woman whose legs terminate in a second set of hands, and whose knees bend like elbows. Four years later, eventually finally happened.


Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling

I’d have tried to kill him scismatrix. I’ll give some of those short stories a shot later on. There is plenty of political manipulation and deception. That shone light on how easily I had been able to settle and flow into the prose of Sterling.

Schismatrix Plus

Oct 16, Ryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mutta kaikenkaikkiaan positiivinen lukukokemus loppujen lopuksi. Oct 05, C. Why are the characters doing what they are doing? The plot concerns a new arrival to Czarina-Kluster, a Shaper named Hans Landau which is bizarrely the name of the Nazi character in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” — a fact that, lacking the gift of prophecy, Bruce Sterling could not have known when he wrote the story but which is nonetheless very distracting to the modern reader!

Furthermore, the action sometimes leaps years forward with scarcely any attention given to what happened in between. The Earth kicked both factions out at some point in the past and is now considered interdicted by both. This is science fiction of the most ambitious and wide-ranging kind, with constructions of future humanity taken as far as imagination could take them without crossing the line into all-out fantasy.

It follows the adventures of the main character, Abelard Lindsay though at times he uses many other names from being a something rebel to being the years old or so due to life extension technologies guru of his own particular faction of posthumans.