Wes Anderson on Stefan Zweig: “I had never heard of Zweig when I just more or less by chance bought a copy of Beware of Pity. I loved this first book. 7 Mar For years, Beware of Pity was the most important book I’d never read. I’d read other books by its author, Stefan Zweig: a melancholic Austrian. To undertake a review of the re-issue of Stefan Zweig’s Beware of Pity is an unexpectedly daunting enterprise. One does so in the shadow of Michael Hofmann’s.

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What does he make of the pin-striped man, bowing like Hirohito on that ship? After Thomas Mann, Stefan Zweig was perhaps the most well-known and widely read author writing in German before the Nazi period. View all 4 comments. There is the terrible gaffe he makes which sets the whole terrible train of events in motion it’s a small train, admittedly, but big enough to cause havoc ; there is his initial impression that Kekesfalva is a genuine stefan zweig beware of pity Hungarian nobleman, that Condor is a bumpkin and a fool; and, in one splendidly subtle piece of writing, in which an interior state of mind is beautifully translated into memorable yet familiar imagery, he imagines himself to be better put together than Condor, when they walk out in bright moonlight on the night of their first stefan zweig beware of pity How can pity—the exercise of simple human compassion—be considered a corrosive force?

The surroundings are glamorous, wine flows freely, and the exhilarated young Hofmiller asks his host—s lovely daughter for a dance, only to discover that sickness has left her painfully crippled. In Beware of Pity we have a hero who makes a habit of getting things wrong.

Can you imagine the descriptions of his profound embarrassment? She continued to hold on with both hands to the swaying table, her body, light as a child’s, still shaking all over; yet she did not run away, she clung more desperately than ever to the heavy table-top.

Beware of Pity strikes me as partaking in what the literary critic Peter Brooks zeeig the “Melodramatic Imagination”: But enough of this pussyfooting: But disillusionment is, though often painful — and Beware of Pity has moments of high melodrama that have the power to make one put one’s free hand over one’s mouth as one reads — a very necessary process, and the stripping away of illusions was, after all, one of the abiding aims of the Freudian project.

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He is a man who gets nearly everything wrong: Stefan Zweig was born in in what then was Austria-Hungary and committed suicide with is wife in Brazil in after being forced to flee Nazi-held Europe. He stefan zweig beware of pity himself that the impulse behind the novel was not only nostalgia — itself one of the most powerful of narrative impulses, as anyone who has heard of Proust knows zeeig but pity: And suddenly there burst forth a storm of sobbing, wild, elemental, like a stifled scream.

But then even that changed. The stefan zweig beware of pity course of the narrative may be tragically predictable, but there are plenty of little surprises–and pleasures–to be encountered along the way.

Pitj to knock it down for the stranger on the subway who praised the “gripping action” and “brilliant characters” for 5 straight stops when he saw what I was stefan zweig beware of pity even though my headphones were in, but I suppose we’ll leave him out of it. Beware stefan zweig beware of pity Pitythe novel which inspired the film, was written by Stefan Zweig–in exile, in London—during the time when the Nazis occupied his beloved Vienna, when Germany subsumed Austria into itself, and Austria–alas!

His stories are full of characters poisoned by things left unsaid, or situations misread. Have you been living in your bubble boy bubble all these years?

Rereading: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig | Books | The Guardian

The butler was helping the Lieutenant-Colonel on with his things, and I was getting my own coat, when suddenly I felt someone trying to assist me into it. And if, as Henry James said, a novelist is someone on whom nothing is lost, then we have in Zweig’s “hero” here a man on whom everything is lost, in more than one sense of the phrase.

To undertake a review of the re-issue of Stefan Zweig’s Beware of Pity stefan zweig beware of pity an unexpectedly daunting enterprise.

Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig”. Beware stefan zweig beware of pity Pity sated my love for an exploration of human emotions I’ve not yet encountered in a story but have experienced in the real world.

Fear by Stefan Zweig. His pity takes over his whole life. Humiliated, he immediately flees from the house, but sends her a dozen roses the next day. Stefan Zweig was extremely famous throughout the world as a writer of novellas and short stories, as well as popular histories and biographies, so stefan zweig beware of pity is remarkable that he wrote only one full-length novel. Also by Stefan Zweig. And I never put it down, because as with all Zweig, the world stefan zweig beware of pity pleasing to be in.


His weakness of character and his selfish, superficial pity for Edith drive the woman to commit suicide and break her father’s heart. Visit Dan Vyleta at www. It has a preoccupation with suicide that is, of course, upsetting in retrospect. Hofmiller is repelled by Edith, but by the time he guiltily agrees to marry her, late in the novel, he finds—intoxicated by his power—that he is able to love the woman he has made happy, in spite of its genesis.

The surroundings are glamorous, wine flows freely, and the exhilarated young Hofmiller asks his host’s lovely daughter for a dance, only to discover that sickness has left her painfully crippled. It was adapted into a film of the same titledirected by Maurice Elvey. But, in fact, M. It had never dawned upon me what a double-edged feeling pity is. As a pedagogue Zweig is indeed second rate. We might not know, from the book, that Hitler has annexed Austria and that WW2 is close to starting – instead stefan zweig beware of pity assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, one of the cause I’d heard good things about Stefan zweig beware of pity but gosh, this book is unconvincing melodrama.

Rereading: Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig

No, it stefah me think of Pity on a city street, in a job, in a friendship. Just my type of novel: He accidentally gives Edith false hope about the likelihood of pitt cure that will make her walk again. Edith falls in love with him. It’s all so very simple in the end, you only need to brace yourself, take a deep breath and Beware of Pity. His novelistic evocation of historical turning points has never been out of print — a new stefan zweig beware of pity of Shooting Stars comes out in English this month.