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But while this need existed, a truly liberal attitude could not, in those days, obtain acceptance among the clergy or the public as a whole.

This book is an outcome of the painstaking research work undertaken by the author with a view to provide correct information, as far as possible, to the devotees of Swami Vivekananda about his stay and work in the West together with contemporary reports and illustrations.

In a few moments, vievkananda front door of the house opposite opened, and out came a dignified, well-dressed woman, who, it happened, was Mrs.

Swami Vivekananda in the West: New Discoveries

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I would like, however, to express here my indebtedness and gratitude to the research workers in the libraries of many of those cities which Swami Rhe visited during his lecture tour, who in all instances have given me their courteous and indispensable assistance. Then, aware that he was to enter into Mahasamadhi — the last merging into the Absolute from which there is no return to the physical body — and that his days of teaching were over, he trans- mitted to this greatest of his aposdes all the spiritual powers that he swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries acquired through years of austerity and experi- ence.

Just as a treasure is locked up in a box, so will this realization you have just had be locked up, and the key shall remain with me. Able to consume and digest a weighty tome in a short time, he 2 PROLOGUE never again forgot a detail of it, and as a result there were many branches of Western learning, as well as of Eastern, in which swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries became well versed. But however that may be, Swamiji himself had often told the story, and thus we can be certain of the main facts.

By a mere touch the Master caused him to lose all outward consciousness. And my love to Austin and all the children. Both were addressed to his Madras disciples through one of their number, Alasinga Peru- mal. His voice carrying weight, his idea was given wide publicity and met with general approval.

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Dvivedi gave a technical exposition of Hinduism and Indian philosophy.

Swami Vivekananda in the West : New Discoveries(Vol1To 6) –

Discoverifs his vivejananda visit he had an even stranger experience. On the breezy, prestorm afternoon of Tuesday, August 29, he spoke in swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries garden to the children, and on the evening of the following Sunday, September 3, he lectured at the East Church, whose minister was apparently one of the few in Salem who were sympathetic.

Notify Me Our mission is to make all Indian literature available globally. One swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries these, sent to a group of young women, ne Leave a Review How would you rate this product? Lalubhai, who had been a fellow passenger on die Empress of India ; further, through a letter of introduction from a Madras friend Rhe Rao he shortly became ac- quainted with a Director of the Fair and his wife.

On the morning of September 20 many of them took off from the Parliament? This report, which contains the first known mention of Swamiji as an accepted delegate, read in part: It must be a strange experience too for this humble young Brahmin monk, this sudden transition from poverty and self-effacement to affluence and aggrandizement.

Swami Vivekananda in the West – New Discoveries – A New Gospel Volume – 5

I hastened my pace and they swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries too. For the poor people idols were necessary. Wente from which the above’ bracketed words regarding Hewivitarne Dharmapala are taken is worth quoting here to complete the picture: I will show you that letter if you want; I have it in my possession. I was, after all, much too young to have remembered. Show everything Show all reviews Show all videos Show all photos Show helpful positive reviews Show helpful negative reviews Show unanswered questions.

We learn also that the head of the family and others suggested to Swamiji that he represent India at the Parliament. All learning and cul- ture are centered in them. What are a few hundred years when you look at the antiquity of the human soul? In opposition to sectarian points of view which identify Religion with the doctrines of one or swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries particular form of worship, it implies, i.

There is also a picture pf Kate Sanborn herself older than when Swamiji knew her standing in swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries front doorway, offering a welcome to one and all. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries powers of reading and of retention were little short of miraculous. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Starving and barefooted, I wandered from office to office under the scorching noonday sun with an application in hand.


Barrows, the primary organ- izer of the Parliament. Look at that mountain. Wright did indeed compose from her notes, his discourse that evening was a heated, im- passioned one. But during the year that remained of the life of the Master, Naren, after having provided for his family with the help of a fellow disciple, underwent innumerable spiritual practices.

Swami vivekananda in the west new discoveries curiously still, on each floor, there was an opening in the housing of the chimney, within which, on either side, was a seat, reached by a tiny stairs — a hidden place to meditate on a cold autumn morning or evening when a fire roared in the fireplace, as was often the case when Swamiji was there. The face and dress which attracted the most notice, especially from the ladies, was that of Swami ViVekananda, a young man exceptionally handsome and with features that would command attention anywhere.

Bonney was a well-known lawyer of that time and the author of many im- portant constitutional and economic reforms. Bearing in mind that this was the first time he had addressed the great American public and that he himself was strongly moved by the occasion, one cannot but think that the deepest powers of his nature were fully active as he stood there on the platform and that the knowledge of his spiritual identity with that huge crowcl of men and women was paramount in his mind and vibrant in his voice, communicating itself irresistibly to those who saw and heard him.

One of these was President Bonney, of whom Swamiji wrote: A correspondence ensued between the Vedanta student and Mrs. The Hindoos have all the religion they want, and the Hindoo religion is the most ancient in the world. The fair sex were there too, and they were not neglected. Thanks you Sister Gargi. He speaks excellent English and replied readily to any questions asked in sincerity.

As foe Chicago Evening Journal of September 14 editorialized: In other districts the men eat rice only, the women and children must satisfy their hunger with the water in which the rice is cooked.