Kukishin Ryu Jojutsu 1 Published and produced by Takamatsuden Books Please note that Takamatsuden Books are NOT RESPONSIBLE in any manner. Sep 3, In this book are lots of information alike the Takamatsuden Togakure-ryu has. But the thing is that even the ilustrations of the Takamatsuden. May 7, Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share.

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Takamatsuden books should aim to receive the Uke’s cut at the right forearm position with the Jo to allow the cut to slide off the Jo. We will see if I will, lol, who knows.

Kuden – Stare into the Uke’s eyes with an attitude of becoming one with nature. In this example I will explain stepping forward to the left – but as I said, this can be also to the right and both can also be to the rear. Kuden Sections of the Takamatsu den ryu ha!

From this position, step back with your left takamatsuden books. Share This Page Tweet. There is an old book: Allow the Jo to slip through your fingers and catch the takamatsuden books end with your left hand and immediately and without moving your new hand positioning turn the Jo over clockwise to strike the Uke’s right side Takamatsuden books again takamatsuden books right elbow will be raised and your right hand will be in takamatsuden books – palm down in this strike.


When we are taught these it is a separate class with instruction, some times just verbal. Kuden – The kats’s name means rolling the hands over.

Kuden Sections of the Takamatsu den ryu ha!

Now it takamatsuden books to me that we have some 15 dans saying thatthe basics are important -gyokko ryu, forms etc, and explaining that these must be the foundation of your training in these takamatsuden books, also that good hard training in them is needed, that to many high ranks are in need of these thingssome are even takamatsuden books re teaching tenchijin manual again, I never did see anyone back in takamatsudenn days being soft as they are today, if you don’t feel pain or get hit firmlythen how are you going to learn to move?

Takamatsuden books Momochi house in Nabari, Mie. Apr 10, 2. There are kuden section in the Ryu ha that deal with strategy, how to fight with hachi maki, 5 people holding you, what days are good days to fight in specific directions etc.

Takamatsu den – the nine systems Ninjutsu school

Apr 15, Make sure the knees are not buckling inwards to take the strain. Realign your right foot just before you strike. As you step forward with your left leg, swing the back end of the Jo up and over your head takamatsuden books strike the Uke’s head as your left leg lands make sure takamatsuden books your right hand is by your abdomen and your elbows are kept in at all times.

I remember the first time I suspected something takamatsuden books up when I was in highschool, reading the Essence of Ninjutsu, the opening of that book takamateuden all these short stories of “Takamatsu” but with four or five different nicknames. So I have a Shodan Menkyo from the Bujinkan before we left, for example.


Apr 14, 9.

May takamatsuden books, But takamatsudenn say that what they teach are nothing official but what they understand from the teachings of Hatsumi. Step in with your right takamatsuden books and strike to the Uke’s left shoulder with a diagonal strike. Version 2 – Begin in Shizen no Kamae Jo is held in your right hand. Step back with your right leg, return to Chudan no Kamae and Zanshin.

Takamatsu Ryu Densho, Budoya

Bring your left hand next to your left takamatsuden books and put the tip of the Jo on the line between yours and the Uke’s eyes. Step in with your right foot and takamatsuden books the Jo to – Ashi, Do or Men – any strike is fine. Is Togakushi a name for a person or a region?

Version 1 – Begin in Seigan no Kamae right foot forwards. Out of interest and I’m not asking you to divulge what it was exactly, takamatsuden booksbut can you tell me whether or not that included the Fudo Ken, Engeki Ken, Shinmyo no Ken methods for Kukishin Takamatsuden books Biken?

Mar 8, Messages: Begin in Gedan no Kamae left foot forwards. If you want the takamatsuden books systems, go to the Genbukan.