The Edge of Desire is the fourth novel by Tuhin A. Sinha, who is a best selling author, a columnist and the scriptwriter of several popular T.V. shows. It is a great . Tuhin A. Sinha is an Indian author and politician. He is known for the novels The Edge of Power, The Edge of Desire, Of Love and Politics, That Thing Called. Book Review of The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha Hachette India, ISBN: , , Pages, Price: Rs. Reviewed By: Dr. Shamenaz.

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Law and Other Things. The abrupt ending of the story was even more annoying. That’s when the charismatic Sharad Malviya a leading member of the Opposition party offers her an u When journalist Shruti Ranjan, newly-wed wife of the Deputy Commissioner of Kishanganj in the lawless Bihar of the s, is brutally raped by a ‘politically sheltered local goon’ all of her attempts at getting justice are crushed by a corrupt and complicit state government.

Ashish Jain rated it really liked it Nov 07, The first half of the story is a treat but the other half is like reading Indian history via some documentary files.

Then, it was the government inaction on the 2G scam, the edge of desire tuhin sinha the Supreme Court rulings compelled the government to act the edge of desire tuhin sinha.

Tuhin Sinha – Wikipedia

Preety Sharma rated it it was ok Jan 26, In fact, publishers and readers would keep asking me for it. I was inspired to an extent by the basic idea of the Mahabharata [ Images ]: The Edge of Desire delves into two serious issues which sadden me immensely. He loves good cinema he has already seen Vicky Donor twicerelishes a good game of squash whenever time permits, is a huge fan of F1 races and loves travelling on a yearly holiday with his daughter, Rhea.


The honestly of the state of the country and people where a relationship between a man and woman is most often blown out of proportion for wrong the edge of desire tuhin sinha is highlighted well What follows is the roller coaster ride of Shruthi life where is a constant subject of mockery that even earns her the name Draupadi.

An Inquiry Into the The edge of desire tuhin sinha of Thygaraja: Shruti is like any other Indian girl and like any other girl, she is exposed to the crime in India.

‘Writing for TV is lucrative, but very restricting’

I have been advised by pf. Dec 29, Abhishek rated it it was ok. The authors attempt to appraise reader of the pressures, turmoils and issues faced by politicians is much appreciated.

Rajeev rated it liked it Dec 02, The Edge of desire is an excellent sinhaa. The first 5 chapters were almost similar to bollywood film Shool. The Edge of Desire 3. This is a turning point in her life and she starts fighting back.

Well, I have followed Indian politics very closely for more than two decades now thin it fascinates me. There is a huge difference between writing article for a newspaper and writing a novel.

At 23, I realised I was immensely dissatisfied. Shruti is an ex-journalist from Delhi who, after finding her boyfriend in bed with her best friend, moves back to her hometown to live with her parents. But her ill-fate continues and she was brutally raped by politically sheltered local goo, Salim Yadav. Shruti Ranjan the edge of desire tuhin sinha a gutsy the edge of desire tuhin sinha in Delhi who has been dumped by her boyfriend of five years.

Well, for me the issues were important, more than the events. And this only makes a scary proposition stare at us: The author may have deliberated on narrating Shruti Ranjan’s life, it seemed to be much of a distant engagement in storytelling.

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I enjoyed reading her journey. Humanizing a Saint with Exaggerations. I had read Tuhin’s first book more than a year back which incidentally was also his first book. Rapist walks fee and proud of himself while woman remains stigmatized for the rest of her life.

Deep inside the beauty, cultures and tyhin, there is a very dark side, a side which everyone is familiar with, but nobody wants to talk about. The author also knows his politics, and often makes liberal use of mythology and history to drive home his point, an aspect I found very interesting.

The Edge of Desire – Tuhin A. Sinha: A Review

I especially liked that part of the story where he tries to bring forth the various equations that make up a relationship. Had there been some extraordinary contribution by Shruti I wouldn’t have written the previous statement. Women in the patriarchal constructs are considered as a commodity for the men to enjoy with but Shruti Ranjan, the protagonist of the novel proved it wrong by her deeds.

The Edge of Desire is the fourth novel by Tuhin A. This novel explores every aspect of Indian politics and the so called democracy that is at stake. The story also end abruptly with only a customary epilogue.

Then, my flair for writing helped to break in as a scriptwriter on TV. Sinha, a TV scripwriter the edge of desire tuhin sinha he isn’t the edge of desire tuhin sinha books, covers a wide swathe, keeping his narrative interesting while portraying Shruti’s ‘it’s complicated’ status, be it her rocky personal or professional life.

What ensues is a string of events, which convinces Shruti that the things that appear to be correct, is in reality, is wrong.