The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra is one of the early teachings on yoga and meditation. The Radiance Sutra — vijnana bhairava tantra –part XV by Dr. Sthaneshwar Timalsina Tantra in the Western imagination stands for exotic and orgasmic. Some years ago I wrote this summary of Vijnanabhairava which may be of some interest to people. It looks at the different verses of the tantra and outlines the.

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The outward breath extends to around nine inches outside the body. Offerings, devotee, supreme Shakti are but one. When one casts into the fire of supreme reality vijnana bhairava tantra five elements, the senses and their objects, the dualistic mind and even vacuity, then there is true offering to the Gods.

When the mind is transfixed and made supportless without any other thought or feelingit at once acquires vijnana bhairava tantra state of shiva transcendence. The essential pulse or vibration exists as sound in the heart centre. H II One can have this inner experience fori oneself when the mind is free from modifications or thought patterns. The mind too being free from all thoughts becomes dissolved in the vacuous vijnana bhairava tantra of consciousness. Consider the entire universe to be dissolving in subtler and subtler forms until it merges into pure consciousness.

Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra – Wikipedia

But much more is necessary for erotic… Read More Vijnana bhairava tantra m II Leave the mind aside when memorable objects of die past, such as one’s country or land arise, making one’s body supportless; then the omnipresent and mighty Lord manifests.

All these concepts taught in the bhaiarva are aimed at those whose mind is still too immature to grasp the supreme reality. The essence of the Self is universal. Such teachings are meant for those who are interested in rituals and external practices and vijnana bhairava tantra in duality. O Lord, let us follow this wonderful reality which is the nature of the supreme Shakti! If you contemplate simultaneously spatiality above and at the base, then bodiless energy will carry you beyond dualistic thought.

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How do they reside in the nine-fold division of the mantras?

O Goddess, vijnana bhairava tantra the ultimate mystical teaching: It is at the level of non-difference abheda and of will iccha. What you call universe is an illusion, a magical appearance.

Realize this deeply and thus triumph over time. When you quiver, reach the luminous presence.

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra — YogaSOMATICS

How can Knowledge Jnana or Action Kriya exist in the eternal? When lust, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and jealousy are seen withinhaving fixed vijnana bhairava tantra mind completely on thesethe underlying tattwa, or essence, alone remains. Vijnana bhairava tantra filling the Brahmarandhra with Prana, free the mind of all thought constructs. Sit on tantraa seat and meditate body sits without support of the seat.

Thus, in the absence of dualistic thought, divine consciousness blossoms. When you practice a sex ritual, let thought reside in the quivering of your senses like wind in the leaves, and reach the celestial bliss of ecstatic love. By being totally present to song, to music, enter vimnana with each sound which rises and dissolves into it. When an obstacle gets in the way of gratification through the senses, seize this instant of spatial emptiness which is the very essence of meditation.

I The vijnxna Lord, who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, verily, I am lie vijnana bhairava tantra 1 have the same shiva- nature.

Wherever you find satisfaction, the very essence of bliss will be revealed to you if you remain in this place without mental wavering. Is it different from the procedure in Trishira Bhairava Tantra? The light of consciousness and self-awareness are not distinct, if they were then there would be dualism and not completeness. When the letter dissolves vijnana bhairava tantra space, be free.

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I am still talking about it months later. O Lord of the Gods, vijnana bhairava tantra bears the trident and skulls as ornaments, tell me of that state which is devoid of time, space and direction and free from any characteristics. II Can your reality be perceived through the nine different ways by which one can enter the realm of higher consciousness, as enumerated in Bhairava Agama?

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

By far the best conference I have ever attended! You will then melt into supreme consciousness. This is the so-called 1, petalled lotus.

In Verse 61 we read: What is your reality, O Divine One? Questions or comments vijnana bhairava tantra mike. You will enter the spatiality of your own mind at the moment when intuition frees itself through steadiness of gaze, love’s uninterrupted sucking, violent feelings, agony or death.

Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra – a glimpse

Concentrate intensely on the idea that the universe is completely void. Understand that the spatial reality of Bhairava is present in every thing, in every vijnana bhairava tantra, and be this reality. He who constantly repeats the word bhairava becomes one with Shiva. Then Bhairava’s glory is manifested. Focus on the emergence or the disappearance of a sound, then reach the ineffable plenitude of the void.

These descriptions are only meant of the spiritual advancement of vijnana bhairava tantra unenlightened. Worship does not consist in offerings but in the realization that the heart is supreme consciousness, free from dualistic thought.