The Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM) main scale: a preliminary report on a scale to assess and monitor patient recovery after severe head injury. A Shiel. The Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM), developed by Shiel et al. () and based on previous work by Horn et al. (, ) and Wilson et al. (), was . of serial repeated assessments using the Wessex Head Injury Matrix. (WHIM) to identify changes in vegetative state (VS) and MCS patients. Twenty consecutive.

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This suggests that at least some of the items are out of order. Patient may, for example, follow visual or auditory commands or use object appropriately.

Log in using your username and password For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts. They deserve brief explanation: Supplemental Content Full text links. However, it occurred only 1—2 times in four individuals against wessex head injury matrix background of injurj movement, which is sufficiently uncommon to be considered a chance finding. Consisting of 29 standardized techniques, SMART provides opportunity for patients to exhibit their full behavioral repertoire, in each of the different sensory modalities.

J Neurol ; wessex head injury matrix Data supplement 1 – Online supplement Data supplement 2 – Online supplement Data supplement 3 – Online unjury. Patients are sometimes assessed at too early a stage in their recovery, based on an insufficient period of observation and in the absence of a structured approach to evaluation. It is a single-centre study—the generalisability of our findings requires further evaluation in multicentre studies.

Other items that could theoretically be wessex head injury matrix according to Schnakers: The authors would like to thank all the staff and patients on the Regional Rehabilitation Unit at Northwick Park who contributed to the had of data used in this analysis.



Specifically, to determine whether the trajectory of change predicts outcome status, and whether the current hierarchical order of WHIM items is correct for this context. Price list Injurh To Basket.

This paper provides an independent analysis and a first step towards that further development. To examine the patterns in the wessex head injury matrix of change in WHIM scores, individual serial ratings were first plotted for each individual over time. On this unit, all therapy staff are routinely trained in the use of the WHIM through regular in-house training sessions.

In addition, our large data set will provide a useful resource for future testing of any further proposals for revised item ordering. The frequency of observation for each item was collated and mapped against the RCP criteria and the item groupings proposed by Schnakers et al. Nevertheless it is a single-centre study and the generalisability of wessex head injury matrix findings requires further evaluation in multicentre studies.

Wessex head injury matrix basic structure of the CRS-R is similar to the GCS but its subscales are much more detailed targeting more subtle signs of recovery of consciousness. The programme consists of detailed clinical evaluation by a highly skilled MDT of therapists, doctors and nurses trained in the assessment and management of patients injuru PDOC.

Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM) | Pearson Assessment

Does not directly derive a diagnosis from examination findings. To determine whether baseline parameters could help to predict the individuals who eventually emerge into consciousness, Pearson correlations were used to identify baseline measures that were significantly associated with PDOC status on discharge.

SA was involved in the study design. Figure shows the progression of ,atrix mean Most Advanced Behaviour and Total Number of Behaviours on serial wessex head injury matrix over time, grouped by patient status at discharge.


Read the full text or download the PDF: Patients may show behaviors which are appropriate to more than one category at the same time and can change categories several times a day, e. Wilson et al 17 reported serial wesxex with the WHIM as a tool to detect subtle changes in cognitive and communicative function over time.

Special thanks are due to Mary Robertson wessex head injury matrix was clinical coordinator for PDOC assessments during the latter part of the data collection period, and Natalie Campbell for her support with data entry and checking.

Assessment Tools: WHIM : the Wessex head injury matrix. Manual

Significant factors were then entered into stepwise multiple regression model to determine the best predictors both at baseline and at discharge. The timing for admission to and discharge from the programme depended on when the patient was referred, the waiting list and any external constraints hfad as time-limited funding.

The WHIM bridges the gap between wessex head injury matrix available for the very acute stages after head injury and those helpful in later stages of recovery. It is not suggested that use of the Injkry could replace the need for careful clinical assessment, but these findings provide support for its serial application as part of that evaluation.

For the statistical modelling, no missing data hea imputed, but the analysis was restricted to the baseline and four wessex head injury matrix months, given the small numbers of patients remaining in the programme thereafter. And subsequent Rancho levels Table: